Irasema Reza Bailey a.k.a. Iris

Bodyworker/Sobadora, Reiki healer

Full Spectrum doula

Mexican Traditional Healer

A.k.a Iris, I am a Spanish/English speaking sobadora/bodyworker and full spectrum doula, as well as a Reiki healer. I have practiced massage/bodywork since 2004 and have supported moms and families in the Austin area, as a doula, since 2009. Reiki has also been a part of my practice since 2010.

My prenatal massage clients were inviting me to their births and introduced me to the birth world. Since the start of my practice, I have focused on the comfort of pregnant folks and supporting them in their transformation into parents and caretakers .

I also volunteered for a local non profit doula group called GALS (Giving Austin labor support) for 7 years. I stared as a volunteer then became a coordinator between GALS. This is where I gained most of my birth experience, with my community. I am currently working with Mama Sana Vibrant Woman as a birth companion and hope to continue working with my community.

I have learned from many Native elders promoting Mexican Traditional Medicine who view birth as a sacred ritual.

I use a traditional Mexican textile called a Rebozo which can help with optimal fetal positioning and comfort during labor as well as in the postpartum period. I also teach classes on using the Rebozo as a self care tool for the everyday life. 

Growing up I watched my maternal abuela (grandmother), Juana Solis Martinez, and my paternal tia  (aunt), Ma Ester Reza Gurrola, sobar people in their homes. Whether they were in Mexico or in the U.S. people were always seeking out their healing. Needless to say I was inspired by them although their stories are different and strange, ha.

I am deepening my spiritual practice through the Danza Azteca Mexica Chichimeca with connection to the altar of Ameyaltonal with capitanes Mazatl and Marucha Ihuakatzin. As well as Maya elder nana Cleotilde ChilePixtun, Lipan Mescalero Apache curandera women nana Marika and medicine women Anita Gonzales Nez among many of my brothers and sisters on the red road. Through these traditions, I have learned to be aware of the earth's vibration, its elements and our mind body connection. Furthering my connection to Divine Spirit.



Postpartum techniques by my Tia Ester

Vida Luna Massage y Mas

Doulas of North America (DONA)

Jessica Atkins CPM - co-creator of Tiny Love Doula Certification

Mama Sana Vibrant Women Doula Training

Samantha Maddox - Benkung Bellybinding

Midwifery Assistant - Mercy in Action



Techniques by my abuela Juana Solis Martinez

Marucha Ilhuakatzin - elder, Traditional healer, Iridoligist, Herbalist


Techniques by my abuela Juana Solis Martinez

Austin School of Massage

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and Clinic

Vida Luna Massage y Mas - Pregnancy massage

Charlotte Senseney Sternkind, LMT, APBT - Infant massage

Marucha Ilhuakatzin - elder, Traditional healer, Iridoligist, Herbalist

Marika Alvarado - elder curandera - Ventosas/cupping, body-work

Energy Healing

Lila Wilds Reiki Master- Reiki level I

Vida Luna Massage y Mas - Color Therapy

Marucha Ilhuakatzin - elder, Traditional healer, Iridoligist, Herbalist - Limpias

Marika Alvarado - elder curandera


Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in combination with doula training at Vida Luna Massage y Mas

Marika Alvarado - elder curandera maestra

Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli, LCSW - Therapist, elder curandera

Marucha Ilhuakatzin - elder, Traditional healer, Iridoligist, Herbalist