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Hola! My name is Irasema.

Thanks for visiting my site. I'd like to share a little about Mexican and Mesoamerican Traditional Medicine and healers. These traditional techniques are not just folk medicine but are rooted in Indigenous knowledge/science.

I hope you are able to find all the info you need. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Porfavor no temen en conectarse con preguntas.

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Mexican and Mesoamerican Traditional Medicine

Mexican Traditional Health practitioners - parteras (midwives), yerber@s (herbalists), curander@s (healers), sabadores (massage therapist), bone-setters, and people of prayer, passed their knowledge down from generation to generation. These traditional beliefs and practices of healing are still rooted within the many indigenous cultures that have settled mainly in the southern and eastern parts of this country. These healers, descendants of the ancient Mexicas; Aztecs, Huastecos, Mayas, Olmecas, Teotihuacans, Toltecs, Zapotecs and many many others, practiced the traditions of indigenous medicine which are widely known even today for the powers of medicinal herbs and spiritual practices.  These indigenous peoples believe disease exists not only in the person’s body but also in their spirit, which unites them to the earth and sky, to the wind and waters, and to the animals and minerals.


I take pride in promoting and preserving these ancient techniques with much love and respect to my ancestors and healing lineage.

Available Treatments
  • Sobadas / Bodywork

  • Prenatal / Postpartum

  • Reiki

  • Traditional techniques

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