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Rebozo ~ Cenzontilmantli ~ Manta de Mil Colores ~ Blanket of a thousand colors
What is a Rebozo and Rebozo Therapy?

A Rebozo is traditional Mexican textile; a long piece of handwoven cloth with detailed fringe design. Textiles are very important to the native people of Mexico as it could represent certain areas or groups of people. It was used as a way to carry our babies as well as cargo like wood bundles. Adelitas would conceal weapons in the revolution, since the women were not searched. Fancy Rebozos were used to cover the head in church and as fashion. Traditionally it was giving to young women to mark certain times in their lives.  In Aztec wedding ceremonies a manta is used to unite the couple. The Rebozo was also used to cover the dead. It has a long history and has seen many forms of use, including for healing. As the matriarchs of the families mothers and grandmothers would use the tools at hand to care for their families. Passing on their knowledge to their daughters and granddaughters. Curander@s (traditional healers) would also use it to heal traumas, such as a major traumatic events/scares (susto) or sexual traumas, difficult births or difficult emotional situations.

I use it as an extension of myself for self care and somatic body care. As well as, in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I also use a technique that my Abuela Juana used called a Manteada, she called it a Sacudida (to shake/rock). I have combined my 17 years of bodywork, energetics and experience with the ancient knowledge of the Rebozo to fine tune these

 Rebozo Therapy techniques.


Being wrapping in a Rebozo mimics hugging which increases the production of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. This can help with depression and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's. It can help balance the nervous system and boost the immune system. This technique is combined with rocking stretching and other movements.  

This is good for people who may not like to be touched or get undressed. 

“The rebozo symbolically represents the blanket that weaves our individual and collective destiny; it is the umbilical cord that unites us to the womb and our origin.”


Rebozo Therapy

This treatment includes a sobada and ending with a wrapping of the body using the Rebozo and a Reiki treatment. The wrapping will physically and energetically make you feel centered and grounded. If needed, I will also include other traditional techniques including crystals, drums, song or Tibetan bowels. 


$200 hour and a half session


Manteada de Rebozo

In this session I will do some gentle rocking, stretching and wrapping using the Rebozo. This session is done on a yoga mat on the floor and the recipient will be fully clothed. Other traditional techniques will also be incorporated including crystals, drums, song or Tibetan bowels.


$125 - 45 min session


"Every once in a while you cross paths

with someone who is not only passionate about the work they do, but is also meant to do that work. Iris is that person. She balances her knowledge of Mexican Tradition Medicine perfectly with her massage practice. She created a space within which I was able to heal not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Rebozo Therapy for me specifically was a deeply healing experience, one that

I will be eternally grateful to Iris for."


-Sofia Salazar, Life Coach

            I also teach workshops on how to use the Rebozo in self care, prenatal self care, labor & postpartum for doulas and birth companions. Contact me for more info.

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