General role of a labor doula

A doula accompanies you in labor to help ensure a satisfying birth experience by

providing physical, emotional/spiritual, and educational support.

A doula will help you make decisions by providing information, support, and creating space but will not make

decisions for you.

I will help you feel empowered to make the appropriate decisions for your own health.  We are not trying to persuade you in any way just merely provide you with unbiased resources and information.

A doula works for you, not your care provider or the hospital.

A doula does not perform clinical tasks such as blood pressure or fetal

heart rate monitoring. 

A doula does not replace your partner but is part of your birth team or 

community. In my 12 years experience in birth work I've been able to be

in tune to couples needs. Sometimes my hands on help is needed

and there are times I can step back and simply hold space for you to do

the work you need to birth your baby.

For doula support please contact Birth Comadres Doula Collective

Prenatal Sobada

This is a massage focused on the changes to the body during pregnancy. Including a belly massage to help alleviate tension to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the uterus, low back and pelvis. This also allows more oxygenated blood to the stretched and over worked tissues promoting cell vitality. This is a side lying massage with focus on optimal fetal positioning. I will incorporate the use of the rebozo if needed and leave you with tips to help maintain optimal fetal positioning. Having assistance processing these changes can help strengthen the mind body connection and further prepare you for the birth of your baby.

I appreciated the relaxing prenatal massage you gave me on Saturday 11/30  It was lovely and I think it is what helped get labor going. I went into labor naturally that evening at 11:30pm and delivered a handsome baby boy at 9:27am on 11/31.  

Thank you again for fitting me in that day!  It made all the difference. 


-Christine C

"At birth, we experience nature, spirit, cosmos, and creation with all our being."

- Patrisia Gonzales
Author of Red Medicine

I was taught that a person goes through many ceremonial stages through out their lifetime,

each unique in it's own right.

At conception, the mom starts the bearer of life ceremony. Each individual has their own rituals

that are made up of common components like nutrition, the way you care for your changing body,

education on birth processes and procedures and creating community.

A doula is a guide through these life changing ceremonial stages of your life.