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Postpartum Sobadas

This is a massage focused on the changes to the body during pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Including a belly massage to help alleviate tension to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the uterus, low back and pelvis. This also allows more oxygenated blood to the stretched and over worked tissues helping them recover and stay healthy. This massage is designed to help you feel centered, balanced and "put back together".


$100 hour session       $150 hour and a half session


                                                    Postpartum Rebozo Closing
                                                                 This treatment includes a postpartum sobada using warming salves and ending with a wrapping                                                                     of the body using the Rebozo, a Reiki treatment and the use of other Mexican traditional tools.                                                                         The wrapping will energetically close the hips to help you feel "put back together" physically and                                                                        energetically.
                                                                   $175 hour and a half session
Postpartum Closing Ritual
This treatment is done in your home. It will include a sobada, an herbal bath and a Rebozo closing. You will gently be connected to the vibration of earth and nature using traditional sounds and songs, helping you reconnect with your body.
$250 two hour session
This video depicts what a Postpartum closing ritual entails. The healers in this video are from Ecuador.
There is a slight variation to the Mexican Traditions I use.

Infant Massage
There are many benefits to incorporating infant massage into your daily routine. It is a tool that has been used in many ancient cultures throughout history as a parent tradition. Massage is not only a great way to connect with your baby but it can help stimulate the immune, digestive, respiratory, and nervous system. This helps the release of stress reducing hormones. Massage sparks the neurons in their brains to grow and branch out to encompass other neurons. It can also stimulate growth and weight gain in preemies and “small” babies. Massage can help reduce fussiness and promote more restful sleep. It can also help build trust between parent and child by teaching nurturing touch.
In this in home session we’ll talk more in depth about the benefits of infant massage and massage oil/lotion safety. I will help you create a relaxing atmosphere and massage routine specific to you and your baby.
“Infant massage empowers you as a parent, for it gives you the means by which you become an expert on your own child.”
Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents,
Postpartum Doula Services
(This services is offered to my previous birth clients only)
I will join you in your home and help with anything from general baby care,breastfeeding support to light house cleaning.
$35 per hour
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